ALDI Stores

St Agnes, South Australia


Part of the ALDI Stores South Australian entry to roll out stores across the state, stores have taken shape in both freehold and leasehold developments.


ALDI unleashed a new look, upmarket¬†store in Victoria offering a more contemporary and spacious shopping comfort under the name of ‘Project Fresh’. ¬†This new look extended to the South Australian roll out with ALDI St Agnes presenting improved store navigation and access to fresh produce bay areas, with a focus on how products are displayed and checkout wait times.

Sophisticated design strategies are evident with the clever use of time and space with St Agnes operating as an easy-to-stock store and using shelf-ready packaging which can be wheeled into place rather than being unpacked by hand.

The aesthetically pleasing makeover offers better lighting, improved ambience and new categories, including food-to-go and organic food.